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Purchase to Purpose

Our beliefs are what drive us.

Specifically, our belief in leading with purpose. So, when four friends, who happen to be our founding members, came together, they were unrelenting in their commitment to community-powered social impact. At their core is a shared philosophy that each of us is responsible for giving back to society and having a positive impact on those around us.

We treat business as a platform from which we can have a positive influence on our society. We believe a company’s culture determines the magnitude of the impact its people and products can have. We focus on the most important principle of all — IMPACT.

Cloud 9 Life is a community, a home to “do-gooders”, who mobilize to create tangible solutions to pressing problems in our communities. We expand the limits of what’s possible. This is who we are and what we stand for.

“If you have ever purchased Cloud 9 Lifeproducts, or even told our story, you're part of something bigger than a brand. You're part of a movement that makes everyday purchases serve a larger purpose. Come be a part of our movement and making the world a better place.”

Putting Our Words into Action = Purchase to Purpose™

We are powered by a sense of impatience when it comes to putting a dent in the world’s toughest challenges occurring right in our own backyards. That’s why at Cloud 9 Life, we are harnessing our collective power to accelerate social change from the very start with Purchase to Purpose™. This is the name given to our everyday business practice of donating 3% of proceeds of each product sold to our customers’ favorite causes.

Not Even the Sky’s the Limit

Purchase to Purpose™ is so much more than donating to social impact causes. It’s a movement connecting, partnering, and investing in charitable organizations that are fundamentally changing our world. This alignment and support of particular causes is an extension of our Cloud 9 Life values. We pride ourselves in our diligence in identifying, vetting and selecting our non-profit partners, with all organizations sharing three qualities: represent the passions of our customers, deliver an impactful and sustainable program or project, and address a burning issue in a community where Cloud 9 Life has a strong presence.

Our non-profit partners

Phoenix Children’s Hospital Foundation

Hospitals are hit hard during this time, and Phoenix Children’s Hospital protects the sick and injured children that might be vulnerable to COVID-19.

Watch this video to learn more.

The Singletons

The Singletons support single parent households battling cancer, and in times of crisis these families are in need of essential materials.

Watch this video to learn more.


Feeding America and our network of food banks are continuing to provide food to people in need during these times of uncertainty due to COVID-19.

Watch this video to learn more.