My Executive: Amalie Pidcock
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Our Values


We are brave and bold in our pursuit of excellence. We measurably move the needle. We immeasurably add value. We are predisposed to action and just start doing. We have a sense of ownership. We’re resourceful.


We believe in building meaningful relationships. We are distinctive in our attitude of passion, sincerity and respectfulness. We share goals and hold ourselves and each other accountable. We take ownership of the team’s work and personally commit to finding solutions. We reach across teams for better outcomes. We reach into our communities and nurture the communities in which we live. We share and celebrate success by valuing and recognizing each contribution.


We are driven by continuous improvement. We strive for simplicity through innovation. We are driven by a desire to leave a legacy which, in part, moves us to participate in innovation for our children and the future of the planet. We find new ways to make things better. We empower our teams to think big, take smart risks, and learn from failures otherwise we will end up being only a good company or get left in the dust.


We find ways to enjoy every task. We believe hard work and fun go together. We not only put our minds but also our hearts into our jobs. We enjoy working on challenging tasks, thrive on cooperating, and love to take on new opportunities. We share our positive attitudes with our customers.


We model ethical behavior. We make transparency the foundation of our actions. We show respect and integrity through our communications, always. We are accountable at all levels. We avoid even the appearance of impropriety. This is our final value, not because it’s last, but because it is foundational to everything we do and all the values above.