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Foods to avoid and foods to consume for gut health

by Michael Cutler, M.D.

Your intestinal bacteria, yeast and viruses make up your gut microbiome, and directly impacts virtually all systems in your body. In this article, let’s look at the foods and artificial sweeteners that have been proven to adversely affect your delicate gut microbiome balan...

Your Summer Slim down starts with proper gut health and these 3 tips

Summer is already here! And for some reason getting outside seems a little extra special when it can be enjoyed safely. So here are a few tips to help get you into the best shape of your life while enjoying the beach or hanging out poolside with your friends?

If you’re still feeling a bit self-co...

Gut microbiota – key to your health

by Michael Cutler, M.D. 

Did you know that your intestinal bacteria impact virtually all systems in your body? But how you might ask? I’ll explain what a healthy gut microbiota should be and how it is directly related to your body health. In my follow up article, I’ll reveal the foods and artific...

Weed, seed and feed your gut microbiome for optimal function

Want to know the secret to less inflammation, more mental clarity, better sleep, higher energy levels, positive moods, stronger immune function, and so much more? The answer lies in a balanced gut microbiome.

A flourishing and strong microbiome is like a garden; you first need to establish it a...